10 Best Escape Games for Android

Escape games are a sub-classification of puzzles. In real life, these games are much better. Nonetheless, there are a few diversions that have comparative components. For the individuals who may not know, escape games have you put in a room or a circumstance and your objective is to get away. You’ve likely managed this kind of game before. A few developers utilize it as a major aspect of a bigger ordeal while others utilize it as the principle mechanic. Some games are simple for understanding while others are mind-boggling with storylines. Escape games builds your mental capacity, improves your thinking strategy.

By knowing the tips and clues it helps you to find things. These games add positivity towards your lifestyles. Most of the people find these games very adventurous. It runs the scope, so following are our picks for the best escape games for Android users!

10 Best Escape Games for Android

  1. 100 Rooms Series

This is series of escape games that consists of 100 doors. Each door is open by solving one puzzle. Puzzles are very interesting.  By solving puzzle, the next gets opened. At first the puzzles and gradually it becomes complex. Some important features of this game is follows:

  • eye catching graphics
  • logical tips
  • realistic
  • mind blowing puzzles

100 room series

This game is fun and also challenging in the same time. This game tests your logics towards real life. By opening the next door, one can get addicted to achieve the other doors. You can even use your phone features like shaking and tilting so that you can find the hidden objects to complete the puzzle. people found this game very addictive.

2. All That Remains: Part 1

This game is a modified version of escape games. This game does not need any objects to find. This is based on characters. The main character and his sister need to escape from their father who trapped them in the secret bunker. “Part 1” with the title shows that more series of this game is coming.  This game is relatively inexpensive and is of only $1.49. Other important features of this game are as follows:

  • soundtrack is amazing
  • auto-save features
  • interesting puzzles and items
  • instructions in different languages

This game also shows the brother love towards his sister. He saves his life first and then find his sister to protect her. This is what brothers do.

3. Monument Valley 1 and 2

These games are also a set of puzzles games.  In this game you need to escape from the area by completing the puzzle. These games are not strictly related to other escaping games.  This game is for both smartphones and tablets.  Other important features of this game are as follows:

  • 3D design
  • unique style
  • easy to play
  • beautiful soundscape

monument valley series


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