10 Best Escape Games for Android

4. The Escapists

This is also a modified version of escaping games. This game was first introduced on the desktop computers and then designed for smartphones lately. This game is about how to escape from the jail. In this game a person or criminal can talk to different people and can collect different objects. But if he got caught the game will be over. There are tons of ways are designed to escape from the jail but criminal can easily caught too. Life is difficult in prisons and for your freedom you need to develop different strategies and plans.

You can dig the tunnel, can steal police uniform, and can develop multiple strategies. Other things that you need to check is to avoid suspicious behavior for this you need to be on time for your roll call, mess. The craft able tools should be hidden from the police. This game is not as easy as it shows. The Escapists is of $3.99 for android users. Other important features are as follows:

  • variety of scenarios are present
  • charming graphics
  • challenging

5. Lifeline Series

This game is a puzzle based on text. It is different than most escape room games as in this game you are a radio operator and you get different transmissions from strangers. Your job is to protect them by guiding them correctly. In this series about 8 different games with different prices are present.

This game is very unique. The strangers whose lives you have to save works to stay alive. You get notifications throughout the day. You can keep these notifications and can play when you have time. Lifeline series is a profound, engaging story of survival and diligence with many possible consequences. Other features of this game are as follows:

  • realistic approach
  • logical based


6. Rusty Lake Series

The rusty lake series is a set of escape games. Each game integrates with the primary preface through its area. Each game goal is to discover objects, puzzles, and to get away from the circumstance you’re in. This set contains nine games altogether. Everyone is totally allowed to play and upheld by publicizing. The design is simple. There is one premium game for $2.99 and it’s brilliant too. The developers likewise have the Rusty Lake arrangement, an arrangement of the premium puzzle game with comparative mechanics. Other features are as follows:

rusty lake series

  • impressive soundtracks
  • suspense
  • engaging story


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