10 Most Important Inventions and Discoveries of 21st Century

The advancing technology has rendered some countless discoveries and inventions so far. Scientists together with the researchers has strived to unveil all the hidden treasures and natural phenomenon that are not yet discovered.

Till the 21st century, there are several scientific breakthroughs that has totally evolved the present living styles.

Here we must be entailing some top ranked discoveries of the present millennia.

1. Detection of Gravitational waves

This is the most significant discovery of 21st century. Revising the theory of relativity formulated by the great, Albert Einstein, that we can travel the earliest times. Now this theory is going to be come true after the initiation of the LIGO project by U.S. In this project, the scientist are going to employ the gravitational waves to form a time machine that would take them to the earliest times to witness some darkest happenings of the universe. It was the first time that they witnessed ripples in the space-time fabric.

Detection of Gravitational waves


2. Presence of water on Mars

In September 2015, NASA confirmed the presence of water onto the surface of Mars. They used imaging spectrometer of NASA’s MRO to detect hydrated salt on different locations. They said that the hydrated salt turns dark and steeps down the surface during warm season while they fade in winter seasons. The presence of hydrated salts clearly shows the presence onto the surface of Mars that actually results in its formation.

Presence of water on Mars


3. Water conversion to fuel

A German company, Cleantech, has developed a new machine that converts water into fuel. Employing the power-to-liquid technology, they were successful in forming synthetic diesel, petrol and liquid hydrocarbons from water and CO2. This technology focuses on the SOEC’s and Fischer Tropsch processes that converts electricity into steam. The JCAP devised a technology to covert sunlight, CO2 and water into fuel last year.

Water conversion to fuel