10 Most Important Inventions and Discoveries of 21st Century

4. Robotic Body parts

Using the principles of engineering and Biomechanics, the scientist created some robotic body parts. The researchers at the University of Twente came out with the discovery of robotic arms for the assistance of all those patients suffering from muscular dystrophy.

In additions to this, they also created robotic limbs for the wounded militants through Darpa’s Revolutionizing Prosthetics Project. Now the researchers are creating those parts that could be controlled by the human mind to assist the individual with the robotic implantation.


5. T. Rex Tissue

Paleontologists have discovered a fossilized femur of the Tyrannosaurus rex which is believed to be 70 million years ancient. Scientist at the North Carolina State University and Montana State University has found visible and flexible vessels in it. The soft tissue discovered has been preserved because of the presence of iron in it.

In addition to this, it would also help the paleontologist to study the physiology and the cellular structures of the Dinosaurs. They have found that the dinosaurs were more apparently similar to the big birds like ostrich.


6. Advancement in the cure for HIV

In accordance to the HIV.gov., there are more than 36.7 million people as a rough estimate that are found to be HIV positive in which 1.8 million are children. It is one of the deadliest disease so far.

The Germany already have the cure for the AIDS patients since past two decades. Antiretroviral therapy has prolonged their lifer span. However, there is no such cure that completely cures the patient.

In 2007, a doctor named GeroHutter was successful in treating a patient of AIDS by bone marrow transplantation.


7. Existence of Dark matter

In 2006, researchers concluded the presence of dark matter in space. They found it by measuring the bullet cluster of galaxies.


Maxim Markevitch of Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics narrated that the dark matter can be confirmed by the bulk of visible matter in the clusters. NASA has yet not concluded the fact about the dark matter, but they believe that 68% of the entire universe constitutes dark energy.

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