10 Most Important Inventions and Discoveries of 21st Century

8. Genome sequencing of cancer patient

In 2003, the scientists were successful in sequencing the entire human genome. They also created the blueprints of the sequences that get mutated and resulted in cancer. they took 3 years to draft the 3 billion nucleotides of the human genome.

This discovery is significant most as it has helped the scientists to unveil the genes encoding diabetes, eczema and leukemia. The genome sequencing has helped a lot to understand the inheritance and genetic diseases.

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9. Human organs

Due to the harsh consequences and rejection problems during organ transplants, the stem cell technology has greatly nullified all the health concerns that arises during any organ transplantation.

The scientists at the Harvard Medical School has discovered that the adult skin cells can be employed for the regeneration of human heart tissues. The stem cells can evolve into an entire new tissue with normal functioning. This is entirely based on the process of regeneration.

Now the scientists are successful in regenerating certain organs such as lungs, brain, fallopian tube and heart by the stem cell technology.

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10. Facial transplants

This technology uses the skin of dead person to alter the skin of a patient that might have suffered any facial injury or for cosmetical purposes. In 2005, Isabelle Dinore was the first who had a partial facial surgery while the complete facial surgery was performed in Spain in 2010.

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This is usually offered to those people who has some birth facial defects or have disfigures though burns.


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