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5 Best Budgeting Apps and Spending Trackers for iOS and Android

4. Clarity

Much like Honeyfi, Clarity is an innovative app that aids the Millennials and the Centennials by making budgeting a simpler and easier process. The user interface has been designed for beginners, particularly those youngsters who have begun their professional life with a lot of debt.

Clarity has acquired more than one million users in a short span of time, and it has now been taken over by Goldman Sachs, and made a part of their Marcus program. Experts believe that soon, Clarity will undergo a wide range of changes and innovations.


The smartphone app is very immersive and despite being simple, the user interface is attractive and fun to use.

Clarity is constantly providing users with offers that aid in reducing expenses, for instance phone bills, heating or cable bills.

It features a built-in savings tool that allows users to make regular savings by transferring some money into a stand-alone savings account. You can start transferring as small as $5 and more if you can, do build up an emergency fund for the unforeseen in life.

Clarity also comes with an immersive website version.


Much like Honeyfi, Clarity has a very simplistic and basic design made to cater to beginners. If you’re a Type-A budget and habitual of using advanced budgeting applications, you might find the lack of detail disappointing.

Clarity can only be availed by users living in the US.

Currently, Clarity only comes with a basic list of spending categories, and it doesn’t let users create personalized spending categories for themselves.

5. Personal Capital

The developers of Personal Capital were focused on creating a high-end research based app to rival the apps for most prominent brokerage firms, including Fidelity, Schwab and Etrade. It comes with an immersive user interface, and it is devoid of all nonsensical imagery and annoying graphics. Instead, it offers a user-friendly and modern design that will appeal to the young investors. It provides an analytical view of investment with the help of informative graphics, such as numbers, line charts, pie charts and graphs.

Personal Capital caters to the Type-A investors who seek to review analytical research and strategic reasoning to understand the dynamics of investment and building wealth. If you already use apps like Clarity and Honeyfi, Personal Capital would be the most natural choice to facilitate your debt-free journey of increasing your portfolio and wealth.


Personal Capital offers both, a website and an app, which makes it perfect for those who like to browse through analytical research and information to determine the profitability of an investment.

The Investment Checkup feature allows users to make informed and strategic investment decision while slashing fee payments, and examining the risk profiles of the investment. Moreover, it also aids in creating an accurate portfolio with allocates that take into account the risk tolerance.

It offers a Fee Analyzer that aids in reducing fee payments on 401(k)s.


If you’re starting your money-making journey without any debts, Personal Capital may not be the best app for you.

The blog run by this app is based on managing wealth and investments, as opposed to managing your everyday money transactions.

Statistics reveal that 58% of the members of the LGBTQ community are constantly anxious about money shortage, while 35% don’t possess the right financial tools that they require to manage their financials. Anyone of these five apps can prove helpful to anyone and everyone who is struggling with money troubles and wealth management.

Remember, the secret to amassing wealth is to record and examine your spending with clever budgeting, and these modern apps are just what you need to make this challenging task simple. All you have to do is start using them!

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