5 things one must know about InSight’s landing on Mars

Every landing supposed to be done on mars is the knuckle-whitening feat of engineering and technology. But every landing has its own pros and cons depending primarily on the site of landing and the type of science behind every mission.

NASA is now on a new voyage this 26th of November. The NASA is employing InSight spacecraft that is dedicated to analyzing the interior of the Red Mars. This is going to be their very first mission on Mars.

InSight Mars landing
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Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Here are some interesting things one must know about InSight, the might spacecraft and the mission.

1. Landing on Mars is really a hard nut to crack

Till today, there are so many expeditions made on Mars but only 40% among them has been successful. But only the missions initiated by the U.S have survived the tough atmosphere conditions of the mars. Mars’s atmosphere is so thin that it accounts for only 1% of the entire atmosphere of our planet. In this atmosphere, there is less friction to slow down the spacecraft. But this problem is also managed well by the NASA. InSight has flown, orbited and hovered across the surface of the earth since 1965.

2. Tried- true technology

Previously in 2008, NASA sent their Phoenix spacecraft to the north pole of Mars. InSight is like Phoenix as both are built by Lockheed Martin Space. Both the spacecraft share the same design they only differ in parachute and heat shield. The parachute and retrorockets are responsible to manage the speed of the spacecraft while the legs are made to resist shock.

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