5 things one must know about InSight’s landing on Mars

3. Landing on the Elysium Planitia

The InSight is adapted to record a large amount of valuable data irrespective of the place where they land. The only thing they need is a flat and a solid surface to ensure their safe landing. The InSight is going to land on the biggest parking lot on mars i.e. Elysium Planitia.

4. It was made to land to in a dust storm

The spacecraft is made to withstand any dust storm conditions. It is shielded with a thick heat shield to resist any heat blast. The suspension lines in the parachute are much stronger than the former i.e. Phoenix.

5. Unveiling about neighboring planets

Insight will be a portal to the planets that are yet to be explored. The supervisors have a belief that by unveiling the truth behind the rocky interior of mars, we can learn a lot about the formation of other rocky lands such as the moon and other planets. They also believe that the mighty earth and mars came into being from the same primordial stuff about 4.5 billion years before. So, they might share the same fate. Therefore, the scientists are using the information regarding earth to explore other bodies of the solar system.

So, the InSight is much more than a Mars mission.

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