7 Best Customization Apps for Android

4. Sharedr

At this age sharing is very much common and we all are in addiction with it. This app is very useful in sharing your stuff with your friends. With this customization app you deal with the prompt when it comes up with the sharing. This prompt shows the list of apps with an indiscriminate list of your favorite contacts. With this you can systemize the sharing pattern in your device.

You need to do some work on your device for using this app and get some order in your chaos sharing. You also have an option to customize the prompt for selective apps you want to and remove the random contacts also completely. The best part is you can download that for free completely without any ads or in-app purchases.

Credit: Sharedr

5. Tasker

If we talk about the most powerful app on Google play store then probably it would be the Tasker. It can do so many tasks or I would say it can do anything. All kind of stuff like automate tasks, new actions and much much much more you can do with this app. More than that many other apps with direct Tasker provision and a group of apps such as Auto Tools can help you to do more stuff with it.

It has the highest power to perform lots of complex tasks but you need to prepare yourself to tackle some sheer wisdom if you want to use that. It has $2.99 charges for its download with none other in-app purchases charges or advertisements.


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