7 Best Customization Apps for Android


This app is for deep levels of customization or this one is an institutional widget app. With this you can made widget for assorting your stuff. You can design them according to your desired themes and wallpapers. KWGT app will help you to make widgets for actionable buttons, clock, calendar, weather, music control, RSS and much more. You can download that app for free from Google play store but for the full version or for the hardcore customization you need to pay $4.49.

7. Zedge

You may be familiar to this app because of its popularity. One reason for its popularity might be the free download of its uncompromising description. And the second biggest attraction for this app is its amazingly attired collection of ringtones, alarm tones and notification tones. The sound quality for the tones and songs is great. More than that you can also upload your stuff on Zedge’s website and also can share it with others if you really wanted to do that. You must give it a try and I am sure you world love it without any guilt.

zedge app

Credit: Zedge