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AI-infused robotic pups soon to release in the US by Sony

Aibo is an artificial intelligence robot named as aibo which means partner or pal in Japanese. Sony also produces artificial intelligence robots in the year 1998 and so far they launched their three generations in this project. They stop the production in the year 2006 to make their company more profitable. This time they came in the market with the launch of their fourth generation AI-infused robotic pups in the US.

These robotic pups will be available in the US market by the end of the year 2018 with the price of US$2899. These robotic pups are going to be the best partners just like their names (Aibo). This because of the presence of the image sensors and artificial intelligence. Japanese consumer electronics giant states that the sensors will help in the recognition of the owners face. And they also respond to their behavior.

AI-infused robotic pups to release in the US by Sony

Credit: AFP

This model is especially designed with an exclusive eccentric and according to the Sony Electronics North America President Mike Fasulo each robotic pup has a unique character based on its human buddy. Robotic personality and the owner’s personalities are similar and developed with the people interaction. This amazing technology is great because it responds to your words and tricks just like the real dog. They interact with people emotionally and prove to be their best tech partners.

These robotic puppies have an application with which the owner can adjust the system settings, connected to the internet cloud to store memories or even add new tricks. If you are away home then you can also see through their robotic eyes (present in the home) and have home view through internet. Your robotic companion runs the same base R-CODE and Aperios operating system as in the previous generations. It functions fully on your internet connection and comes with the LTE SIM card and monthly subscription service. Sony starts taking advance orders for this AI-infused robotic pup which shows the people interest in this new invention.

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  • that they don't have this connected to a human and an animal or is it a human to human thing only how are they working the other side of the issue


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