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Amazon Fire HD 8 new version announced with a faster processor, more RAM, costs $90

Breaking through the market, Amazon recently launched two Fire HD 8 tablet that have an even faster processor and come with a space of about 32GB. It has a wireless charging facility, a RAM, Rental book subscription facility on Amazon book for $89.99 and a half yearly Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Image Credit: Amazon

The tablet will be shipped in the beginning of the month of June, probably by 3rd of June as per the news.

The ongoing pandemic situation is the motivation behind these humbly priced new models of the Fire 8 HD tablets. With the kind of screen size it offers, the tablet using experience will be different from before, it also cater services of people restricted at home. Due to pandemic, the electronic devices purchases have risen by 33% according to NPC.

These low priced tablets are a strategy to reach the costumers through these devices at less prices and later make profit from the online content. Some devices do come with free subscriptions and content services for a small span. These tablets compared to the iPads are less pricier which begin at $329. Accept for the premium feeling an iPad gives, these tablets would be your go-to next electronic device.

This launch suggests that Amazon supply chain of electronic goods is functional and therefore new products are introduced in the market.

Last year, Amazon ranked for worldwide based on the use and purchase of their tablets with Huawei, Samsung and Apple leading the row.

The new tabs which are announced will have laptops like charging portals which is USB-C type charger. Added to these features, these tablets have microSD cards spaces, and a better battery life extended to 12 hours.

Another version which targets children at the costs of $139.9 is also on its way. It has a year-long Amazon FreeTime Unlimited subscription that could be spent availing chances at the child friendly material present on the Amazon platforms.

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