AMD Ryzen CPUs Dominating the Asian Market – Intel’s Share Continues to Fall

The famous Ryzen CPU range by AMD keeps on dominating the Asian market surpassing Intel Core CPUs by a huge margin. The company has recently reported a major chunk in the Asian market share due to its 2nd and 3rd generation Ryzen CPUs.

AMD Ryzen CPUs Capturing Asian Market with High Margins in 2020

AMD Ryzen CPUs

This year has arrived with some good news for AMD company as its new generations of Ryzen CPUs are getting more popularity than Intel Core CPUs because of price-cuts and retailer-specific discounts.

 The company has claimed over 60% of South Korean DIY Market shares alone which is the highest for the last 10 years. As the Tanawa Research released the market share reports, AMD comes up with a new figure of 60.65% for its 2nd and 3rd generations of Ryzen CPUs. This is a huge jump in the market shares for the company because it was around 50% in late 2019.

According to the market share report, AMD proved to deliver better value to its customers as the new year began. Its mainstream Ryzen 5 series is getting more popularity compared to Intel Core i5 due to its high performance and great discounts.    

The Core i5 sales have suddenly dropped especially in the Asian market as Ryzen CPUs dominate the market. The company expects more rise in the shares with the arrival of the Ryzen 3 CPU series. They intend to introduce a new generation of CPUs that could hit the market of all the Core processors. This can further impact the sales of the Core i3 series.  

Although Intel intends to launch its 10th Generation CPUs soon, it might not get a major influence in the market. Whereas AMD can make a huge profit in the upcoming quarters of the year with the launch of Zen 3 based Ryzen 4000 Desktop CPUs named as ‘Vermeer’. Moreover, they are also working on announcing more discounts for current generations of Ryzen chips.

AMD pacing Intel

AMD not only got a good response for the desktop CPU segment, but their notebook CPUs are also getting a great response in the market marking the highest sales in the last 10 years especially in South Korea. This happened when AMD revealed its ‘Renoir’ Mobility lineup from the 3rd Generation Ryzen 4000 series as it comes up with an amazing level of efficiency, great performance, and high-core count package.

The AMD’s Notebook CPU share was only 15% at the beginning off the year. But, it exceeded 22.76% in just a few months. The company further revealed that most of the notebooks that were sold featured entry-level models from previous Picasso Ryzen 3000 series. This shows that AMD can further manage to increase its shares in the market surpassing 25-30% with ease.

Final Verdict

Besides Asian DIY Market, AMD is expected to outclass Intel in other global markets too. The company claims to have more than 50% of premium processors sales from the top international retailers. In this regard, the German-based Mindfactory is one of the top retailers that sold the highest no. of 2nd and 3rd generation Ryzen CPUs since the launch of Mattise CPUs.

Ingebor is another top retailer reporting over 30,000 sales of the Ryzen CPUs till April. Comparatively, Intel could sell only under 5000 units making up only 9% of market shares last month whereas AMD has already gained 91% of market share with the sales of its flagships.