Astronauts says Apollo 11 moon landing could have infected the Earth with Lunar Germs

Planning the trip to the Moon does not come easy to NASA as they have to take care of a lot of things including the way to ensure no germs were contaminating the Earth after the visit. And as easy as it sounds, it may be one of the most difficult thing to take care of every little thing that touched the moon or made contact with its atmosphere.

During the Apollo 11, 50 years ago from today, the three amazing astronauts that flew to Moon were given special clothing and were not only scrubbed down but also taken to an insulated facility where they lived for a while until the other scientists were sure no bugs were brought back from the Moon.

But this is just what they were planning to achieve, a mistake could have changed the whole fate of this world. There was a new documentary that was published by which was filmed by PBS in which Michael Collins revealed some new details about the Moon visit.

Apollo 11 Infected Earth

Image Credit: NASA

Even though the NASA was sure there was nothing alive on the moon which can contaminate our planet but they still took some precautions just in case. But those precautions were close to none after this new account.

According to Michael Collins, he could have easily picked up the germs from the moon even though he stayed inside the command module the whole time while his crewmates went around to collect samples. He said, “Suppose there were germs on the moon. There are germs on the moon, we come back, the command module is full of lunar germs. The command module lands in the Pacific Ocean, and what do they do? Open the hatch. You got to open the hatch! All the damn germs come out!”

Buzz Aldrin was seen pointing out the same mistake in the footage which showed the astronauts getting disinfected right next to the spacecraft they had taken to moon. He explained that the rescuers cleaned and disinfected him with a rag and then the next second threw the same rag straight into the ocean water.

He was seen laughing while saying, “it takes all those germs to the bottom of the ocean, I wonder if they’d survive down there?” This account shows that NASA as well neglects the ocean and sea life preservation like most population on our planet.


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