Apple plans to unveil its ARM-based Mac processors at WWDC Event On June 22

According to the rumors, that have been swirling around for almost two years now, Apple may cause a seismic shift in PC industry with the news that it might replace Mac Intel processors with its own chips. Now, these rumors can turn into reality in this June WWDC developers conference where Apple might confirm this news, reports Bloomberg. The event will take place on 22nd June and according to reports, to give the developers some time to prepare, Apple may disclose the details about the processor switch (codenamed Kalamata) there.

Apple ARM based Mac Processors

According to the previous reports, Apple will itself design the chips and the contract for their manufacture will be given to the TSMC, who also have manufacturing contracts with NVIDIA and AMD. These chips will be built around ARM-based 14 processors which are also used in Apple iPhones and iPads. All of this will be a huge blow to Intel which is the current Mac supplier, because, by designing their own chips and with the new contract, Apple will establish its control over Mac laptops and desktop computers. To accommodate the new chips, an improved version of macOS is designed which Mac computers will continue to run.

These new ARM chips have greatly improved the Mac performance particularly in the areas of graphics and AI performance, as reported by Bloomberg. This improvement will help Apple in building more efficient models which would be thinner and lighter than before also. App compatibility will be the only problem Apple is expected to face as it did while shifting from PowerPC to Intel chips. To counter this issue, content-creation apps like Photoshop and the productivity should be optimized.

This has been happening mainly because of Intel’s inabilities to upgrade and Apple have also given up on Intel’s x86 as there are manufacturing problems which slowed down their technology. While Apple, Qualcomm and AMD are planning on using 5nm technology till 2021, Intel has been stuck with 14nm for many years now. It is also expected that Intel might not even be able to upgrade to the 7nm technology that others are using currently till next year; this fact was also acknowledged by Intel itself.

While we are discussing so many aspects regarding this shift, all of this may still come out as rumors as there is nothing confirmed by Apple yet. Even if it is true, there is a possibility that Apple might delay this unveiling. Well, according to other news regarding Apple and this WWDC conference, it is also expected that Apple will unveil updates to iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and watchOS. These updates will have new AR and fitness features with the performance boost obviously. This much awaited conference will be held on 22nd June, but will only be an online event due to the worldwide problem COVID-19.