Are Male and Female Brains Biologically Different?

The research has concluded that there is no such thing as a female brain or a male brain. Shocked? Yes, this response is what I expect. The researchers for many years have conducted surmountable numbers of MRI which conclude that when it comes to brains there is no difference between the male minds and female minds. Let us explain his and more to you.

Brain and gender?

Your mind does not know that if the body it has been put in is male or female. The latest studies reveal that there lies no distinction of gender for the brain. This suggests that the male and female brain is equally capable.

The difference of gender does not reach till your brain. Our brains are home to both male and female approaches. It is more of an amalgam of feminine and masculine traits as per the studies.

What do experts say?

An expert in psychology, Daphna Joel at the Tel Aviv University situated in Israel says that when they first studied the brain they concluded that the brains are not of two kinds. They are brains, just brains. No femininity no masculinity. So, finally there is someplace without this sexist division.

He further elaborates that every human has a completely different set of characteristics. These characteristics are divided such that some are more in men and others are found more in females.

This question has led to several debates for many years. Are the brains of human sex-specific as are our chromosomes, body parts, and other things? There are traits which are the same in both men and woman. And such a part of bod is brain which is away from all this discrimination.

Logical reasoning:

In order to look for proves for the statement Joel with his mates studied a long series of MRIs. Approximately 1400 MRI were taken into consideration. The first common thing they pointed out was that the brain of either men or women could be broadly divided into white and grey matter and the connections between them. The grey part of the brain comprises the cells of the brain also called neurons whereas the white substance was the matter which connected these brain cells.

Mental Health Interventions


This study concluded that most of the brains which were studied either male or female both had equal proportions of these traits. Along with analyzing the physiology of the brain, the researchers studied the personality characteristics, behaviors and the fluctuating attitude of approximately 6000 people. This led them to the conclusion that in the kind of behavior shown by people it difficult to differentiate in masculine and feminine habits. Rather people have an amalgam of female and male characteristics o a whole.

Furthermore, Joel concludes that this study does not primarily tell about the behaviors which are gender oriented. This study according to him never aimed to find how differences in the actions and brain itself originated or belong to. They also did not aim to find the differences and set them parallel to the behaviors of either gender. The studies have revealed that people should not be dealt with differently based upon their sex. She shuns such discrimination basically.

She brings into her study the subject of girls and boys spate schools. She questions that what do you mean by a male or a female brain? Does that really exist? How will you determine that what brain one has? Does he acquire a male brain or a female brain? There are girls who have more boys like characteristics and interests and vice versa. How will you justify them if you say that there are separate male and female brains? So the idea of single-sex schools is backward and is not logical when it comes to science.

We often hear people augmenting over the topic of a girl brain or a boy’s brain and characterize them with certain traits. Girls brains are like this and boys are like that is an oft-repeated connotation which however needs to be abjured. Another expert on the psychiatry from the University of Toronto also agrees with this research. Over the years the research has allowed the scientists to study thoroughly the features of our brains. Also, research has allowed us to compare the mental capacities of a human with that of animals. They have concluded that the brains are not categorically different from one another. It may be that in one person one characteristic is more enhanced compared to another. On a whole the brains are equal and their efficiency is also equal. Our study is to justify this approach.


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