Astronauts are planning to explore Venus

The astronauts at NASA are all set to explore Venus in their newly developed Airship which they plan to launch soon. Potent designs are already proposed by the NASA’s System Analysis and the Concepts Directorate. has compared the airships with the cloud city. These air ships were designed specifically for the High Altitude Venus Operational Concept. This exploration has however posed several challenges for the astronauts.

The scientists have tried to explain the reasons and the temperatures at the surface of the planet. The atmosphere of the planet is primarily sulphuric acid and carbon dioxide. The particles trap the energy coming from the sun, a green house effect is created which increases the temperature of the surface and thus Venus has a very high surface temperature. Also, the lower atmosphere is quite high.

An airship design transport has been made and it is aimed to be used in reaching to the planet and explore it. This vehicle is lighter as compared to the vehicles normally used for the space endeavors. Also, it can be better mechanically equipped to help the scientists reach their destination.


Coventry Telegraph

What is best about this vehicle is that it takes lesser time which means that it is faster than other vehicles used so far. Thus the astronauts are expecting it to take less time as compared to the previous Mars mission. So, you all who are soon planning to shift to Mars, Hear! Another new home might be on its way soon.