Asus X570 Motherboard has First-Generation AMD Ryzen Support

Officially, AMD doesn’t support Ryzen Summit-Ridge 1000-series chips on their X570 chipset. But, recently, Asus has added it to its motherboard. The latest Asus firmware was spotted for the ROG Strix X570-E Gaming with the full support of Summit Ridge chips and the long-forgotten Raven Ridge APUs.

Asus X570 Motherboard has First-Generation AMD Ryzen Support

Asus X570 Motherboard AMD Ryzen Support

Image Credit: ASUS

With this latest update by Asus, the trend for not supporting previous generations of Ryzen CPUs on some AMD motherboards comes down to the size of the BIOS chip of a motherboard.

With every launch of Ryzen CPUs, AMD provides corresponding microcode to its partners to get the new chips to work on previous motherboards. Eventually, the BIOS chips run out of space. And the users need to compromise between the performance and storage.

Therefore, the motherboard vendors who foresaw this limitation wisely incorporated bigger BIOS chips into their offerings.

In Asus’ case, the company equipped the ROG Strix X570-E Gaming with a 32MB BIOS chip, which is why the motherboard comes with a luxury of supporting three generations of Ryzen processors along with the APUs.

There are many other high-end X570 motherboards available in the market which consist of one 32MB BIOS chip or a combination of two 16MB chips. However, those motherboards don’t offer the same level of support just like the ROG Strix X570-E Gaming.

What this support means?

Although Asus has incorporated BIOS chip on its motherboards, it’s still not clear if Asus’ BIOS chip would be large enough to support the Ryzen 4000-series (Vermeer) desktop CPUs once they are launched. It’s expected that Asus might have to go back and determine support for some of the older models once those chips land.

Two weeks ago, a report by DigiTimes stated that the release date of the 7nm Ryzen 4000-series will be announced at the end of the third quarter of this year, barring any setbacks. What are your views?