One Amazing Sight from the Space you might have Missed

Did you really?

Did you miss seeing the amazing sight of 26th August full moon? If yes then let me tell you have missed quite a sight. But no worries. You haven’t missed much.

When talking about the full moon we experienced in this month how can we forget the amazing photograph captured by Alexander Gerst. For all those who don’t know who he is here’s the detail.

Full Moon Picture from Space

Photo Credit: ESA/NASA-A

Alexander Gerst is an astronaut who lives in the international space system from where he happened to capture a compelling photo of the historic scene. The photo is a scene so mesmerizing with the planet which was previously at opposition approached the nearest special vicinities to mother Earth.

full moon rises by Cassis castle in France

A full moon rises by Cassis castle in France on Aug. 25, 2018.
Credit: Joel Goodman/LNP

The planet Mars will remain the same shining bright through the September as well more than any star even. At present, it is even shinier than the planet Jupiter. Talking about the Alexander’s photo it is so catching. It shows a full bright moon shining over the earth’s atmosphere. The scene is quite dreamy I tell like the one we could see in the comic books or the movies only.

full moon sets over Qolsärif mosque in Russia

The Aug. 25, 2018, full moon sets over Qolsärif mosque in Russia.
Credit: Yegor Aleyev/TASS

The shining moon is accompanied by the bright mars in a corner. The red planet gives a beautiful view which is rarely seen in space. And blessings be on Alexender who saved us all from missing an important and utterly beautiful sight from the 21st century so far.

full moon rises over Chula Vista California

The full moon rises over Chula Vista, California, on Aug. 25, 2018.
Credit: Daniel Knighton

Let this photo of the year so far allow you to enjoy the vastness and beauty of the space for once. After seeing that you will surely be convinced to go out and see the sky since this scene is there live through the month of September.

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