The Most Breathtaking Pictures of Earth from Space

NASA, with the help of International Space Station, which has been in use since November 2000 has revealed an astonishing image of the planet Earth from space that has produced a hallmark in the space studies and discoveries. The image was taken from about 250 miles above the Earth surface in the Low Earth Orbit. In accordance with the picture, the golden glow of the Earth falls over Indonesia located in Southeast Asia.

The International Space Station (ISS):

It is one of the largest manmade object placed into the space till now. The ISS orbits the planet at a remarkable speed of 17,500 mph per hour. It helps in completing the orbit of Earth in almost 90 minutes. The solar array of space station consists of the same wingspan as of an Airbus A380. Every year many individuals of various countries visit the space station. According to March, 2019 record, 230 individuals from almost 18 countries have accomplished their journey to space station. Following this trend, the six astronauts currently present on the ISS have witnessed amazing 15 sunsets and 15 sunrises within a span of 24 hours. This manmade object has proved to be an imperative tool in understanding the space and everything present within.

Beautiful Earth Picture from Space

This beautiful photo of Earth was snapped from the International Space Station (ISS) (Image Credit: NASA)

Earlier this year, a beautiful orbital photograph of NASA’S historic Cape Canaveral launch was presented by MS Koch. Later this month on June 10, it was tweeted by an astronaut from ISS the image of beautifully colored Southern lights in the atmosphere of Earth. All this happened due to this amazing International Space Station.

Facts revealed about ISS by NASA, US based space agency:

According to the space agency report,

  • The space station covers the volume of around two Boeing 747 jetliners or a five bedroom house.
  • It can support the crew of six people along with the visitors.
  • When weighed on earth, the space station would weigh a million pounds.
  • When measured with the edges of its solar array, that station covers the size of a football field including the end zones,
  • The laboratory modules from Russia, Japan, Europe and United States are included in it. Rotating crew from these countries make the orbital laboratory functional.
Space Picture for Earth International Space Station

Image: NASA

The first photograph of planet earth goes viral:

The news of the photograph of the Blue Planet was first updated on Instagram by NASA and by now more than 1.2 million people have seen it. This clearly portrays the excitement the news has aroused among the public. Following the picture update the US based space agency revealed that the astronauts present in the space are continuously striving to help us understand the planet Earth, a dynamic planet in a better way. The news was further highlighted by saying.

‘Imagine having a view like this every day’

However, on twitter the image was posted and the view captured by ISS was called ‘a peaceful scene’. Since then, the amazingly beautiful image has been greatly discussed among the scientist community and general public.

Baja California Peninsula in Northwestern Mexico

The ISS flies above Earth at a height of about 250 miles (Image: CHRISTINA KOCH)