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Bloodborne to be remastered for the PC and PS5?

In the latest update, rumors about New Bloodborne have started to appear online. According to these rumors, Bluepoint Games and Q Loc are going to remaster the game for both PC and PS5.

Rumors claim Bloodborne to be remastered

The story begins when a streamer, CaseyExplosion, shared a tweet in which she said that she would donate $100 to charity if someone comes up with the insider information about Bloodborne saga.


Right after her initial tweet, she tweeted again and mentioned that Bloodborne was going to be developed by someone she had ’a lot of faith in’. Though she didn’t reveal the precise source of information, the game is supposed to be announced at the PS5 event. Initially, the PS5 event was scheduled for 4th June, but later on, it was postponed.

Although CaseyExplosion didn’t mention the developers in her latest tweets, a YouTube channel, PC Gaming Inquisition, released a video claiming that Bluepoint Games and Q Loc would be relaunching the game. Bluepoint Games is famous for its work on Shadow of the Colossus which launched in 2018, while Q Loc remastered Dark Souls.

They further stated that the remaster would come up with enhanced textures, models, and loading times. Moreover, it would be available on Steam with support for 60 FPS, 4K, ultra-wide displays, and multiple QoL improvements.

Bloodborne Relaunch?

The relaunch of Bloodborne game outside the Sony console platforms is an interesting thing since some Sony-exclusives have already been launched or announced for the PC platform. In this regard, Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn are all set to release this year, while rumors continue to swirl about other PlayStation exclusives coming to PC. Hopefully, most of these rumors would be confirmed during the PS5 event.

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