What is the best treatment for Brain Tumor, treatment options

Most ordinarily brain tumors create from cells that help the nerve cells of our brain. These cells are known as glial cells and a tumor created by these glial cells is known as a glioma. Mind tumors can likewise be named after the zone they are developing in. For instance, the pituitary glands tumor is known as a pituitary adenoma and a tumor created from the brain covering known as meninges is known as a meningioma.

In grown-ups, the most widely recognized tumor types are gliomas and meningiomas. Brain tumors are the main source of malignancy-related passing in patients younger than 40. In grown-ups, the rate is by and large most elevated between the ages of 40 to 60. And in youngsters, the frequency is by and large most elevated before the age of 1 and again between ages 2 and 12. In kids the most well-known sorts of brain tumors are astrocytoma, medulloblastoma, ependymoma and cerebrum stem glioma.

 The most suitable way to treat tumors is determined by specialists in a combination with radiologist or oncologist. Followings things are under consideration during the treatment.

  • the tumor type
  • tumor grade
  • the tumor position to check how close it is to the delicate parts
  • the patient health

There are many ways to treat the brain tumors. Some of the major treatments are as follows:

  1. Surgery

For the treatment of brain tumors surgery is the first step. During surgery the aim is to remove the tumor while taking care of other neurological functions. Both types of tumors can be removed with the help of surgery, the benign and malignant tumors. For biopsy surgery is also done to check which type of cells has made the tumor. Surgery is the best way to remove the tumors from the sensitive areas.

  1. Radiotherapy

In this type of therapy high energy radiation beams are used onto the cancerous cells. With the help of this high energy beams, the tumor stop growing. It also kills the cancerous tissues and cells. Sometimes surgery is not a best option for malignant brain tumors, in this case radiotherapy is choose to kill the cancerous cells.

  1. Steroids

In some cases the tumor may present in the middle of the brain due to which specialist cannot diagnose the exact type of tumor. Some factors like patient age, health, immunity are very important for surgery and radio and chemo therapies. If the patient is too old or weak than in this condition steroids are commonly given. The steroids are used as a painkiller to reduce headache and to reduce inflammation.

  1. Ventriculoperitoneal shunt (VP shunt)

A VP shunt is used to remove the excess fluid from the brain. It helps to reduce the pressure inside the skull. A VP shunt is a tube that is placed surgically. This tube is connected to the brain ventricles and helps to deposits the fluids into veins of neck, abdominal cavity and heart.

  1. Chemotherapy

In this type of therapy, anti-cancers drugs are used to kill the cancerous cells or tissues. Chemotherapies are done to check the symptoms in advance types of brain tumors. Chemotherapies are used with other treatments like surgery or other therapies. Some drugs cross the blood brain barriers while others remain in the blood stream. Some drugs are injected directly into the spine that circulates around the brain.

  1. Anti-seizure medication

Some tumors causes the seizures in this case anti-seizure medicines are used to control the severity of seizures.

  1. Clinical trials

Clinical trials are done to find the new and novel types of cancers and its treatments. It is a part of cancer research. People should consider this and take part in clinical trials.

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