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Discovery of Alien World may bridge the rare gap in planets

A new milestone in the space world by researchers is the discovery of the alien world. The discovery of Wolf 503b as new alien planet is really exciting. Wolf 503b is double in size of planet Earth. This cosmic neighbor planet is present at a distance of 145 light years in the patch of sky from where Virgo is visible. The climatic conditions and the surface of this planet are unknown so far.

NASA’s Kepler telescope was used by the student of master’s degree Merrin Peterson with some other scientist from America, Canada and Germany. Through this Kepler telescope they study planet Wolf 503b in May 2018. Peterson with her advisor Bjorn Benneke drives a sequence to get some interesting facts about exoplanet candidates. Exoplanets are actually those which can host Alien life possibly. He was studying in the University of Montreal at the institute for research on exoplanets (iREx).

Newfound Alien World may bridge rare gap in planets

Credit: Robert Simmon (Terre), NASA/JPL (Neptune)/NASA Goddard

In September 6, 2018 university of Montreal declare the discovery of Alien world. For this purpose they use the recent data from Kepler. In their report they mention that the planet Wolf 503b is an old orange Dwarf star that goes around the sun faster in a narrow orbit. This star is not as bright as Sun but it is present in the zone where it may have rocky or gaseous conditions like super Earth or sub-Neptune.

Scientist study the radii of thousands of exoplanets dispersed in space. But there were not many exoplanets that were 1.5-2 times the size of Earth. Researchers named this phenomena Fulton gap. And only wolf503b was the star that was the 2.03 times the size of Earth. Wolf 503b fits in the Fulton gap planets that was quite brighter and close to Earth.

In near future scientist will be able to get the information regarding the presence of water in this planet. With the flight of Jame Webb Space telescope the research team will characterize the Wolf 503b atmosphere, other chemical contents, mass and other important information. In August 30 Peterson research paper was accepted to publish in the Astronomical journal.


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