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Does Brain Training Game Offer any Brain Gain?

It is generally believed that if a person spends a long time on the brain training game and performs well on it, then he can also perform well on other such tasks without spending hours in training. However, a team of neuroscientists from the Western University recently studied the effects of the brain training games on the working memory of an individual. They debunked the claim that the brain training apps or games can enhance the individual’s capacity of performing other cognitive tasks well.

Effect of Brain games on the Working Memory of the individual:

People used to think that the brain training apps can enhance the working memory of the human which is vital for learning and retaining information. In 2010, a renowned neuroscientist Adrian Owen led a study based on the cognitive performance of 11,000 individuals. His research was supported by BrainsCAN which is a Canada First Research Excellence Fund program in cognitive neuroscience. For their research, they brain-trained the participants for six weeks. His team found that the IQ level of a person couldn’t be enhanced by just getting good at brain games.

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Recently, the researchers from the Western University have reinforced their results and extended their previous findings which were published in the Neuropsychologia journal. They performed different tests on the participants. Their main focus was to search for any transference between two specific and similar games. After comparing the scores of the participants in different games, they claimed that the brain games did not offer any improvement in the working memory of the participants.

According to one of the research scientists in the Owen Lab, if an individual gets really good at one test by training for a long time, he might not be able to show improvement on other similar tests. The participants who were able to achieve high scores in the first game after hours of training, couldn’t show an impressive performance in the second game. Moreover, their scores were equivalent to the scores attained by the untrained control group.

For this reason, they suggested that if anyone wants to improve his cognitive self, then he can opt for running and exercising instead of playing a video game or brain training test for an hour.

Furthermore, an individual can enhance his intelligence by gaining a good knowledge of the things.  The brain training apps may boost your ability to perform a specific task on a temporary basis. But, they might not necessarily enhance your ability to reason and think abstractly.


Since the researchers were not able to find any evidence of any improvement in the working memory of the brain by playing brain games. So, they concluded that the individuals should follow other proven ways to improve their brain health and memory. They should eat and sleep better to enhance the activity of their brains. Moreover, they should exercise on a regular basis to improve the working memory of their brains.


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