Fan-made 3D Renders of NVIDIA’s RTX 3080 Graphics Card Show Almost Every Hidden Detail

The images of the NVIDIA RTX 3080 graphics card that were leaked have been recreated when a Reddit user JDSP_ created a to-scale 3D renders of the leaked images. All the angles of the design are covered in these renders and also seem very close or accurate comparing to the leaked images. We previously saw only one angle or POV of the card in the images, but this 3D visualization has helped us have a better look at the overall aesthetics of this graphics card. Thanks to another user tor6770 for his variants, we almost have the complete collection of 3D renders of this graphics card by NVIDIA.

NVIDIA RTX 3080 Gets Impressive 3D Renders Created by Fans

In the pictures that were leaked, we could not see difference between the all-metal face and the plastic covered face, whereas this visualization by user tor6770 helps us see these faces clearly. This collection of renders showcases the RTX 3080 in perfect visibility and lighting. The top and bottom of the card can also be seen here. We can see that plastic-covered face houses the PCB. Almost the entire body of the card is covered by heatsink which seems massive.

Images of New RTX 3080 GPU

The information that we already knew was that heatsink protrudes outwards just like AIB variants and PCB is short. The thing that is still to be known is that whether it has just a plain heatsink or a massive vapor chamber heatsink. The possibility of it being former is very low because it seems that there aren’t much heat pipes in there (if NVIDIA have not found a way to hide them or innovated away their need). Since, we could not see any power connectors on any of the three sides visible in the leaked pictures, so the user tor6770 has also shown us correctly in his renders that they will be on the front face of the card. It is likely that this graphics card will have two 8-pin connectors.

And one important detail that these renders don’t show, but can be seen in the original leaked images is that the crossbars in the middle are aluminum-based clearly. This can be deduced by the fact that a tiny NVIDIA logo is engraved on the crossbar of RTX 3080, which is obviously not possible on plastic. We can also expect that premium materials and design are still core to their build philosophy and that these will have high-quality power circuitry and VRM design considering this is a founder’s edition card.

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The renders created by the user JDSP_ shows the heatsink in all its glory and so you can view them in order to get full impact of the card’s massive heatsink. It can be seen from the crisscrossing design created in these renders that it also possesses a large cooling surface area. From this, it can be deduced that despite being so powerful, RTX 3080 will be able to run cool and quiet. As it is also established now that this card is almost 50% better with respect to performance than RTX 2080, so it will be one heck of an upgrade at 699$.

Now, we expect so much better things from NVIDIA as they are shifting to 7nm in their 3000 series. The sales of the original RTX series weren’t as spectacular as in 1000 series because despite being very powerful, it was way expensive. So, NVIDIA should be careful in pricing this latest RTX 3000 series of their graphics cards. The launch of this graphics card, though, is expected in fall of 2020 when the launch of AMD’s big Navy is also expected.