Google has a new update for News tab

With a tweet on Thursday, Google announced their latest update regarding the news tab. The desktop version of the News tab will now pronounce the outlet you are reading from as well as it will make the headings more obvious. This look will resemble the main news site of the search engine. This means the readers will have a better sense of what outlet they are reading from while they are trying to stay updated with the news.

“Over the next couple weeks we’re rolling out a redesigned News tab in Search on desktop,” the tweet said. “The refreshed design makes publisher names more prominent and organizes articles more clearly to help you find the news you need.”

Google News New Tab

Image: Google News Initiative

The benefit of this new update will result in all the links having more space and the reader will have a better idea as to what he or she will be clicking. Previously, the news tab had a number of stories crunched together in a list and main purpose was to display as many links as possible. But now the same topics of news will be grouped together and help the reader decide which one they would want to read and click.

The journey of Google News started with a three-year contract back in 2018 when the company decided to do a global partnership with various news publishers. The intention was to highlight the most important and accurate news for the audience especially in times of need when the breaking news should be delivered immediately.

Source: Google News Initiative (Twitter)