Google launches Currents to replace Google Plus

Google tried a lot to make their social site Google+ popular, they made it compulsory to have one at some point. Fortunately now it seems they have finally given up on that mission, and realized that the platform with its serious nature did not fit the needs and structure of the new generation. But now they might something new that fits the bill.

Last year they launched their new social site for professionals by the name of Currents. Currents will soon replace the Google+ app on Playstore and will act as an alternative to Yammer which is the social network Microsoft put forward.

Google Currents for G Suite Users

Currents is supposed to amplify the online work environment by making meetings and discussions easier for employees and workers. And that is a good investment and move considering the current issues regarding work globally, but also showcase how a lot of work will now be monitored and moved to online spaces.

Google Currents for GSuite Users

Image: Google

That is of course regardless of the pros and cons and difficulties that may come along. Google did keep the old Google+ app around after launching Currents for G Suite users, but as of the 6th of July that won’t be the case. It will be erased from the internet and only the memories of being forced to download it will remain. So don’t be surprised if you see Currents everywhere now.

Currents does show promise in the modern internet space and has some solid qualities, and it will be in direct competition with Yammer. These social networks might the prototypes of more improvements and experiments to come in the future. Several businesses and movements in general are moving to capitalize on online spaces and the growing seriousness of social networks and the younger users who occupy those spaces.