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Google Now Let You Automatically Delete the Location History and Web Activity Data

Earlier this year in May Google announced about the auto-delete feature. Now this powerful new tool has been added in your Google account. With the help of this feature you can easily set an expiration date for your location history and web activity data. Though, the given options in this new account feature might not be ideal for everyone. But still the good part is you can set an automatic delete date of three or 18 months. With the help of this feature your web record for places you visit online and in real life won’t stopover in your Google account constantly.

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Google is now paying some serious attention towards their customer’s privacy. They already have a feature that helps their users to access their web and app activity and location history. They can already delete it completely or a part of it. But now they introduced simpler and easier way to do that. In the previous feature you can do it manually but right now you have three options that include manual deletion, 3 months limit and 18 months data expiration limit. You can select according to your preferences.

Web and Activity Data

This app is still progressing and rolling out to devices. If you don’t have this option in your phone then you can find it on the Web.

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To set it up in your phone, go to your Google account and click on Data and Personalization.

Now choose the option of Manage your Activity controls.

And the next step is to click on choose manage activity.

You will get the option of Delete Automatically.

When you further proceed with this option, you can see the three options on your screen as

  • To keep until I delete manually
  • Keep for 3 months
  • Keep for 18 months

Click and confirm on the option you want for your account and at the chosen frequency your data will be deleted automatically. Now delete web activity data automatically with this feature.

Location History

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In order to get started firstly you need to liftoff maps on your phone. Tap in your time line at the side bar. At the top right corner open the three dot menu and click on Settings and Privacy. Now Scroll down to the Automatically Delete Location History. Choose the desired option tap next and done.

There might be a question that why would not anyone want to enable the automatic deletion. In this regard Google provides an explanation that your previous experience anywhere in your Google account might be pleasing and can help you to pick up where you left off and help you get done your work faster.


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