Google launches AR tool that helps you measure two meters to maintain social distancing

In this time of coronavirus, the whole world is changed and has to adjust to a whole new lifestyle. The most prominent change is to keep distance not only from general public, but also from the people you meet and interact. To help you with it, Google has a new augmented tool which will help you follow social distancing and going out of home will be easy.

Google’s ‘Sodar’ is an AR tool for Social Distancing

This is basically an experimented project that Google has introduced with the help of experiments with Google accounts on twitter and is termed as “Sodar”. What it does is that it makes a two meter radius ring around you with the help of your phone screen. This ring will help you in maintaining the appropriate distance (which is almost six feet) with other people and following social distancing rules will be easier.

This Sodar is not an application that you need to install on your device or at work; you can enjoy this tool by simply visiting its website. This tool will only work when you are using the Chrome browser and you can use it on any android device. Some android devices may not be compatible with it also. If you have ever used or experienced any of Google’s AR projects on your smartphone, then Sodar may also work on your device well and your phone will show this tool’s virtual indicator for social distancing.