Google Sued $5 billion for tracking private internet use in the US

Recently, a complaint was filed against the largest internet search company, Google, in the federal court in San Jose, California for invading the privacy of browser users, despite using the incognito or private browsing mode.

Google faces $5 billion lawsuit in the U.S.

Google sued for tracking private use

Spencer Platt / Getty Images file

According to the lawsuit, Google illegally invades the privacy of millions of users by extensively tracking their internet or browser use even if they are browsing in the private/ incognito mode. The plaintiff who sued Google $5 billion on Tuesday stated that the company couldn’t continue to engage in the unauthorized collection of data virtually from any of the Americans with a phone or computer.

He further stated that the company collects data using Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager, website plugins, and other such applications and keeps a track of what people view on the internet and what they browse despite the browser set into private mode.

By collecting information through smartphone apps and Google-supported ads, the company learns about the users’ interests, connections, hobbies, shopping habits, favorite products, and even the most intimate and potentially embarrassing things they search for online.

In response to the lawsuit, Jose Castaneda, a Google spokesman, stated that the company would defend itself vigorously against the claims. Since they clearly state each time when any user opens a new incognito tab that the websites might be able to collect information about their browsing activity.