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How Neuroscience Helps Understanding Criminal Mind?

A team of Cornell University Magnetic Resonance Imaging Facility studied neurological connections between risk takings and lawbreaking in adults. This study is published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology. Moreover, this study helps the researchers to better understand the criminal mind.

There was an experimental in the studies in which participants, namelessly, who think they have the capacity to break the law or have criminal capacity in them and those who think they don’t have any kind of criminal capacity in them were asked to take $20 for sure, or to flip the coin for twin the money or get nothing. The research showed that participants who had more criminal capacities chose to take the risk, even there is chance of getting nothing. But they were thinking about twinning the money that is $40 which is more than the money offered as a first choice.

Likewise, when they were offered to lose $20 or flip a coin and either lose $40 or lose nothing, the results showed that most of the people decided to take a risk because losing nothing is better than losing everything. But participants who thought they have more criminal tendencies in them they decided to choose the opposite.

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According to one of the team members of the study, Reyna, The matter of choice is different because it is rational. It shows that people think differently, which is a new and revolutionary research-it will help us to understand criminal minds with other factors.

After these tasks were completed, researchers observed the brain of all the participants through MRI and they found out that there was a higher activation in temporal and parietal cortices of the brains of those having higher criminal capacities, as these brain areas are involved in reasoning and mental analysis. Whereas the other participants having less criminal capacities showed an emotional reaction in the amygdala and reward motivation in the striatal areas.

Reyna tells us that all the criminal reasoning’s is not equal and it can have a great impact on the public policies in the law system, as it is important to have a greater understanding of human brain so to protect the public, with more care. She also tells us that these findings can also help us to help youngsters, like, to differentiate between those who would like to take risks but are not criminals, even when there risk taking breaks the law, in a very different way.

Example: Netflix’s Original series Mindhunter takes us to the era of serial killers where criminal minds can only be assessed through neuroscience by knowing criminals psychology. To investigate string of sequence murders and to make Psychology profiling, neuroscience study and behavioral sciences are equally important.

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