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How voice technology will re-shape businesses and enterprises?

Voice technology is a new trend of the digital market. People are already using smart speakers and other such devices in their homes. According to Google, people make up about 20% voice searches out of all the searches. Now the technology experts are all set to introduce voice technology in businesses and enterprises.

Role of Voice Technology in upcoming years

According to Gartner, people will soon be doing 30% of all the web browsing without using a screen. Besides this, the ratio of voice searches will also increase to half of all the searches. Still, a lot of work is required to utilize voice technology for professional purposes.

Smart speakers, Google home devices, Apple Home Pod, and Amazon Echo line are some of the popular devices among the users. However, all the major companies are now working in developing voice technology platforms for the commercial sector.

According to a study, three-quarters of all the major companies are planning to invest in the customer-facing voice systems based on Google Assistant, Alexa, and Cortana. Besides this, they are also eager to invest in the similar systems based on Apple Siri, Samsung Bixby, and IBM Watson.

The enterprises use IBM Watson Assistant tool to build voice-activated virtual assistants based on their datasets. The Watson Assistant tool combines the functioning of Watson Virtual Agent and Watson Conversation along with the IBM analytics APIs. With the help of this tool, the business owners use Alexa for their businesses. Since it doesn’t pass the data and control to IBM or Amazon.

Mozilla is also building a voice-activated web browser known as Scout. Similarly, Cisco Spark Assistant is quite popular among the companies for conferences and meetings. It is based on the work of a company known as MindMeld. With the Mindmeld app, the users can listen to a conversation and obtain the search results based on what was said. Now, the company intends to introduce it into all of its conference room devices. Furthermore, it will be available on the client devices as well.

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Impact of Voice-activated Technologies on Businesses

The experts term voice as “the universal user interface (UI).” Because this UI doesn’t require any training and almost anybody can use it. So, they believe that the voice based systems and apps will make a huge impact on businesses and enterprises. This will also impact the functioning of the companies and the interaction among people.

The tech experts believe that in the upcoming years, the voice technology will be used to actually participate in the meetings, making suggestions, and interjecting facts via smart apps. These apps will also be able to record meetings with a command prompt. Moreover, the product will be able to take action items, plan future meetings, as well as send meeting summaries to the correspondents.

The voice technology will also impact the business communication in great ways. People will find it easier to convey using virtual assistants instead of using a screen, keyboard, and a mouse. With the voice-based note-taking app, the participants can actively participate in the meeting without using their keyboards for note-taking. The users can also get rid of sending emails or notifications by just enabling a voice command and description. This will be of great help for the disabled employees as well.

Abstract: Future is Bright

The voice-activated technologies will soon facilitate the smart businesses and offices in many ways. The people will be using voice-enabled IoT devices for attending meetings and managing their official tasks. By using these intelligent devices, they will be able to find out the basic information about the office equipment. Furthermore, they could also be aware of the location and service status of other users.

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