Intel Jasper Lake CPU Series Coming Up with Gen11 Graphics

As the Intels Comet Lake series is gaining popularity among the users, they are going to introduce Jasper Lake CPU series soon with significant features and great performance. This means we may have a hands on to this low-end big upgrade to Intels CPU series earlier than expected.

Intel Jasper Lake CPU

Image Source: Intel

A Big Upgrade of Generation 11 Graphics in the Jasper Lake CPU Series

Intel is always surprising its users with its latest processor chips and graphics units. Once Intel’s Comet Lake series got popular in the market, they are ready to launch another series names as Jasper Lake. A Twitter user with user name as ‘@_Rogame’ shared 3D benchmarks of an upcoming Jasper Lake chip.

According to the information shared by him, the Jasper Lake series come up with a  four-core CPU along with 32 GB DDR4 RAM. It also hints that the chip is equipped with Intel’s Generation 11 integrated graphics. This would an interesting combination for a high-performance low-end chip.

Moreover, the stock clock speed of the chip was reported to be 1.1 GHz with a maximum boost of 1.12 GHz. This makes Generation 11 graphics as a big upgrade for a low-end chip.

Why Intel Jasper Lake Series?

So far, it’s expected that the new Jasper Lake Series of Intel’s processors would be a Pentium or Celeron with a significant clock speed near 3 GHz. It is also expected to be manufactured on a 10nm process instead of Tremont Architecture of the Intels Gemini Lake series.