Intel and Trump Administration reportedly in talks for New Processor factories in the US

According to the latest report by the Wall Street Journal, the US Government is in talks with the major processor manufacturing company, Intel, to build new factories in the country. And Intel is very serious about it. According to the WSJ, various meetings between the Intel and Trump Administration have been held already. Whereas, Intel has proposed a more specific plan to run a chip manufacturing plant in a secure environment.  

Intel and Trump Administration reportedly in talks for New Processor factories in the US


However, Trump’s record of working with US manufacturing companies has proved to be abysmal in the past. So, expecting a crop of new processor manufacturing foundries in the country seems a bit risky. Trump has always boasted of his achievements in the tech sector on various occasions, many of these were total whoppers. Like he once boasted of manufacturing a “new” Apple factory in Texas, but it never happened.

It’s also possible that things might be more serious than just a photo-op with the president. In this regard, Apple’s A-series chips manufacturing company, TSMC, has been in talks with Apple and the government officials about building a new factory in the country. Moreover, Intel is eager to take this project very seriously as claimed by Intel VP Greg Slater. However, they didn’t reveal more details about these talks and plans.

Intel is Serious about Plan

According to the Journal report, Intel has already sent a letter to the Department of Defense on April 28th in which they showed their interest in building a commercial chip manufacturing company in the US in collaboration with the government administration. This can be a great initiative in the US in terms of boosting the economy of the country that got affected due to the Covid-19 pandemic.