Intel’s First Commercial GPU Going to be Faster than PS4

Sisoft Sandra just leaked some details about Intel’s first commercial graphics card: the DG1 that not only reveal the core count of the card but also its clock speed. Through these details, we can roughly estimate the single compute performance which comes out to be 1.5 GHz clock rate with 768 cores. This means that Intel’s upcoming GPU flagship would not only be cheap but highly performing add-in card designed especially for the gamers.

DG1 will be equipped with 3GB vRAM; highest in the history of Intel GPUs

Intels Commercial GPU

A featured image of the Intel DG1 GPU.

According to the Sisoft Sandra benchmark leaks, Intel DG1 GPU will be equipped with 768 Cores, 1.5 GHz, 2.3 TFLOPs, and 3GB vRAM. However, there’s a lot of uncertainty regarding the specifications of the upcoming flagship. It’s expected that Intel might increase the clock rate further before launching the GPU.

Intels GPU

Although Intel seems to target the enterprise market this time, the DG1 GPU could be a great attraction for the gamers as well. With high specifications and cheap add-in cards, the upcoming flagship is expected to outclass a PS4 or a minimum spec VR cable in sales.

Moreover, the DG1 dGPU will be identical to the TigerLake iGPU in all regards. The major exception in the dGPU will be of the allowed TDP making TGL a real killer.

Intel also confirmed that TigerLake will be delivered to the consumer market in a mobile form factor which will offer a great performance density to the unit. Thus, it will also be the first iGPU for laptops surpassing traditional entry-level dGPUs such as NVIDIA’s MX series.

The company has also confirmed that the Xe DG1 GPU will be part of the low power (LP) series and not the part of the high power (HP) series. The main objective of launching DG1 will be to serve as a sort of training wheels for the rest of the ecosystem and prepare for the arrival of other major products later down the line.

Intel GPU Preview

While looking at the specifications, the Intel’s DG1 GPU seems to be a platform for AIBs and ISVs to independently test and optimize the Xe architecture featuring 3 DisplayPorts and 1 HDMI port. So far, its performance seems to be quite satisfactory. It also does not require a secondary power connector as it draws all its power from the PCIe grid. This means, if Intel ever decides to go retail with the DG1, it will be a plug and play affair for the gamers.