Left-Brain Right-Brain myth will probably never die

Human brain is one of the most complicated human organs. This energy intensive organ carries about 2 percent of human body weight. But it consumes 20 percent of the body energy. Human brain has two sides or hemispheres that are right and left.

Both sides are connected through a large number of nerve fibers. They communicate with each other in a healthy brain. In case of injury the two hemispheres may functions separately, quite normally. Brain activity may vary from person to person as it is not symmetrical in all humans.

There is a myth in the society that the left brain and the right brain dominance determine the human behavior or personality. But what are actually the left brain and right brain and the science behind that.

Left-Brain vs. Right-Brain

Human brain has two different sides and each side has some specialties or subjects to perform certain functions in your body. If you are left brain dominated person then your personality is more logical relying on methodologies and analysis. If you are right brain dominated person then you would have the more artistic and creative temperament.

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A Nobel Prize winner Roger W. Sperry made some research in 1960 based on the two sides of human brain. In this research Sperry said that the left part of human brain also named as the digital brain is linked with the reading, writing and computations like logic, facts, mathematics and direct intelligence.

On the other hand the right part of the brain is more artistic and creative and referred as the analog brain. This part of the brain is more intuitive, chromatic and less organized like daydreaming, feelings and emotions. Roger W, Sperry research defines that the dominance of any part of brain develops the personality of a person based on its brain part specifications or specialties.

Decision Making

But after that another team of neuroscientist works on this theory. And after two year analysis of about 1000 people MRI proves Sperry theory false. Further studies shows that the human brain hemispheres are interlinked and they complement each other. No doubt these two sides work differently but one side set up is not stronger than the other side network. And you use both sides of your brain while performing your tasks because they are associated through a number of nerve fibers. In short to get an output both sides of human brain provides input or both plays their functions in making decision.

You are left handed or right handed but is it true to be the left brained or right brained? It is not as simple as it is said to be but this myth is far easy for many to understand the functioning of human brain or might be more fascinating. But the fact is the functioning of human brain is very complex and you can’t understand that so easily. That why, the left brain and right brain myth will probably never die.