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MediaTek Announces Dimensity 820 Mid-Range SoC With More Performance

Earlier this year, a new 5G chipset Dimensity 800 Mid-Range SoC was announced by CES and now an update or refresh of this Dimensity 800 Mid-Range SoC is being announced which is designated as Dimensity 820 Mid-Range SoC. This version adds in an extra GPU core and with its new high-resolution sensors, this Dimensity 820 Mid-range SoC improves imaging capabilities of ISP resulting in an improvement in the CPU performance of the chip.

Talking about upgrades, this chipset’s biggest upgrade is the raise in clock frequencies of its four Cortex-A76 performance cores. The previous version had these clock frequencies of 2.0GHz, which is now raised to 2.6GHz target that is quite higher obviously. This means that a 30% increase in clock frequency is observed in this newer version, which is quite high for an inter-generation update. This raises the question if this newer version is simply a silicon respin, a better-binned part of the previous version, or a complete design update over the Dimensity 800 Mid-Range SoC.

As far as GPU specifications of this refreshed version are concerned, MediaTek has disclosed Mali-M57MP5, which is one more core than the MP4 configuration of the previous Dimensity 800 SoC. It is still not known if this newer version is an updated version with a bigger GPU or the GPU cores were disabled by the original SoC.

ISP of this newer SoC has also been upgraded. This version has enhanced the ability to handle single camera sensors which was up to 64MP resolution in the previous version, but is now upgraded to 80MP.

Supporting 5G connectivity is the feature that differentiates this whole Dimensity SoCs line with the previous “Helio” chipsets. This updated version of Dimensity 820, like the previous version of Dimensity 800, also supports all communication standards from 2G to 5G NR sub-6Hz. The only feature it lacks is the mmWave connectivity but it is quite reasonable given the price range of MediaTek and this SoC.

Although we haven’t watched Dimensity 800 in the devices quite much, but given these upgrades in the Dimensity 820, it is hoped that in the upcoming months, many phones will start having this chipset and it would be successful in attracting vendors.

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