NASA plans to go back to the Moon

This Saturday marks the 50th anniversary of a human being stepping on the moon. When Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon, it was a great achievement in American history and a major scientific breakthrough for all mankind.

But no one has been to the moon since the American astronauts were last there in 1972. This year, in March, Vice President of America, Mike Pence announced that they intend to send Americans back to the moon by 2024.

So, NASA is planning to return to the lunar surface as well as establishing a space station in the moon’s orbit. They intend to make it a waystation for their mission to Mars.

Since then, it has become a hot debate on whether we should go back to the moon or not. The people who are in favor of NASA’s mission state that it’d be of great importance not only for human exploration but also to maintain America’s competitiveness with other nations, such as China.

The people who are against the said mission have their own opinion. They claim that such projects are not only too expensive but they’d also give rise to cold political wars.