Northern Lights get boost by hole in Sun’s atmosphere

What sight it is to see a northern or southern light in the sky. Such night lights popped up just recently. The night lights which were seen in the northern part have been more frequent because of the hole that has appeared in the atmosphere of the sun.

According to the reports moderate geomagnetic storms produced views which caught the attention of the sky watchers. The view could be seen as far as Wisconsin and Minnesota. This storm began after a fast-flowing gush of solar wind containing several charged particles. These charged particles escaped the atmospheric boundary of sun and resulted in such a display.

Such a kind of lights is it southern lights or northern lights occur because of the flow of these particles out of Corona. These particles come into contact with the molecules present in the upper atmosphere of the Earth. This produces a glow which attracts several viewers eventually.

Sun Outer Atmosphere Hole


These auroras are mainly limited to higher altitudes because these particles are channeled towards the two poles of the planet. In this channeling, the earth’s magnetic field plays its role. The intensities of these auras are variable. In some cases there are mass ejections of these particles from the corona or some big plasma explosion occurs in the atmosphere of the sun which produces displays of greater magnitude.

The 11th September 14, 2018 display occurred due to the magnetic storm which came in the atmosphere of Earth. And a minor storm was expected of giving rise to similar happenings on the 12th of the month. So a minor storm might put up views which were worthy of the attention of the sky watchers especially those who live in the areas of New England, upper Midwest, and Pacific North West and in the similar latitudes. This is what the prediction is. So, look up! You might be the lucky one to witness it.