Nvidia and AMD Launching Next Generation Flagships Together

Taiwan’s biggest technology newspaper, Digitimes, just revealed that both NVIDIA and AMD are planning to launch their next-generation GPUs by September this year. In this regard, NVIDIA is working on its 7nm Ampere architecture while AMD is planning to launch the most-awaited Big Navi GPU.

AMD’s Big Navi and NVIDIA’s Ampere Launching in September

It seems like the last quarter of this year is going to be full of excitement and amazement for gamers as NVIDIA and AMD both reported rolling out their upcoming flagships together in the same month of September.

Nvidia and AMD Launching Next Generation Flagships

Moreover, AMD would be launching its Vermeer Zen-3 based processors in the same time frame. So, gamers are going to have a real lot of fun soon. This seems to be a roughly within-scheduled launch of a gaming graphics card launch from NVIDIA.

According to the newspaper report, the first half of the year had been quite slow for graphics cards. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for gaming GPUs increased a lot. And now, as AMD and NVIDIA are going to launch the upcoming flagships together, the graphic cards vendors are expected to cut prices for older-generation products. This would further stimulate the demand for GPUs.

Due to the increased demand in the GPUs, Asustek Computer, Gigabyte Technology, and Micro-Star International (MSI) are expected to earn great profits during the fourth quarter of 2020. Moreover, AIBs is also expected to slash prices on the existing stock of graphics card to stimulate the demand further.

Neck and Neck:

NVIDIA has already revealed its Ampere based workstation GPU and AMD has yet to reveal its Big Navi GPU, thus making it bigger news for the gamers. Moreover, it’s expected that NVIDIA would cut prices for its GPUs. Furthermore, Ampere seems to be an absolute monstrosity in terms of graphics power which the fans would love to have access to.