Nvidia GeForce Now works fine on Chromebooks – but you need this to know

In a recent Chromebook unboxing, a tech site discovered that GeForce Now works just fine with ARM-based models compared to Intel-based models. To achieve a great performance using GeForce Now on a Chromebook, you just need to install GeForce Now app which is available on the Google Play Store.

Nvidia GeForce Now works fine on Chromebooks

Image Credit: Nvidia

Lenovo’s Chromebook Duet Unboxing revealed a Catch for GeForce Now App

If you have an ARM processor-based Chromebook, then you’re lucky to have access to NVIDIA’s GeForce Now app which appears on the Play Store and can be successfully installed from there. However, if you are using a Chromebook with an Intel processor, you might not find the app in the store.

This was just revealed by a tech site during the unboxing of Lenovo’s Chromebook Duet. They further revealed that instead of using developer mode and side-loading the APK, the Chromebook users can simply install and run GeForce Now app from the Play Store and experience much better game streaming.

To ensure the performance of the Chromebook using GeForce Now, they played Fortnite after installing the app from the store.  According to them, they observed great frame-rates during game streaming and it appeared ARM-based Chromebooks work just fine with this app.

However, they noticed a small hiccup during the Chromebook unboxing as well. A small input lag was observed with the mouse during the game streaming, which might cause an issue with some games that need twitch reactions.

Why Chromebook Owners are out of Luck

As mentioned above, Chromebook users can now experience GeForce performance with an ARM processor. However, it appears that the web-players can avail NVIDIA’s streaming services by using Chromebook with Intel CPUs. Although it is possible to install GeForce Now app from the store on an Intel machine by following the method mentioned above, it requires messing about in developer mode which most of the users might not willing to do. It may also result in some shoddy experience as reported by some accounts. So, the other way around is to wait for the release of NVIDIA’s GeForce Now for web-players, that’s expected to arrive later this year.