Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Is A New (Cowboy) Space Shooter

Rebel Galaxy, is an action video game with space trading, well-liked by the audience. Double damage games have announced its prequel. The trailer has been launched with the new space shooter that looks really cool. In the game, you will be stuck inside the battle ground (strikingly differs from Rebel Galaxy in which the camera was pulled back). And the gamer will be performing and completing several missions that he had picked up from the sordid bars beyond the galaxy. This is a western adventuress game with the depths of trading system.

The gamer will play the role of Juno Markev, and the character has no interest in saving the world. Her intentions are to get the credits. She will take the contracts so that she could buy new ship parts to modify her craft and meet many strange and magnificent characters of the game. It is more about, theft and battlegrounds full of blooming lights and buttons.


In the video one can see that the main character is reacting to the small happenings inside her battleship. The custom ship-painting feature and it allows players to get any image and use it as a stencil.

Another eccentric feature of the game is auto-pursuit. One can see it clearly working in action. This feature makes the space shooter’s speed same to the target’s speed and it’ll also turn to face automatically. It also finds the targets and aiming them to shoot for the shooters as many of the players find it boring. You’ll be able to design your own ship by paint the way you like it.

The game soundtrack is blues-heavy. A person who has heard that tune can assure that it’s a really good one back from the first game. There is no exact release date for Rebel Galaxy outlaw however it is expected in the starting months of 2019 and it’ll cost 30$.

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