Reopening of Apple’s Stores in the US After Covid-19

The Apple stores around the world were kept closed since march due to the corona pandemic. But now the company has decided to reopen some of the stores in the United States (US), in the coming week, with strict measures enforced accordingly to the guidelines of WHO.

Apple Planning to get back on Normalizing its Operations in the US:

Apple reopening in US

As the Covid-19 pandemic worsened worldwide, Apple also closed its major of the stores around the globe like other companies. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, termed it as the most challenging global environment due to which the companies and organizations had to close their stores and slow down their operations.

Recently, the company has decided to get back on the track by reopening some of the stores in the US, while keeping the temperature checks and limiting the number of persons entering the store at a time. By following the WHO guidelines, Apple has already reopened some of its stores in countries like South Korea, Australia, and Germany.

Apple Stores

As Apple stores are the key point for the sale of its products, the reopening of these stores is an indication that the company is slowly getting back on normalizing its operations in different locations.

A representative from Apple told CNBC that they were feeling excited about the reopening of stores in the US in the coming week, starting from Idaho, South Carolina, Alaska, and Alabama. He furthered shared that they would be strictly observing the government guidelines and local community health statistics.

The CEO of the company is determined to open the stores safely and normalize the operations of the company in the US as soon as possible. However, there are only six Apple stores in the locations mentioned above. Moreover, it is not confirmed if they would be opening all of the six stores or not.

The company has decided to reopen the stores especially for the repair of the products. For this purpose, they would strictly enforce safety measures to ensure the protection of its staff and the customers visiting the stores from the Corona virus. These measures would include thermal checkpoints, social distancing, and mandatory face coverings for both the staff and the customers.

Although the customers might face a delay for customers in receiving their desired products due to following the social distancing protocol by allowing only limited numbers of persons entering the store at a time. Thus, they recommend the customers to buy online or go for in-store pick-up.

Apple’s Strategy

Although the Apple stores kept closed from the mid of March, in the U.S, the company observed a slight increase in its revenue, at the end of the month. So, they were able to get high sales during the last week of March. The reopening of stores in the US indicates the company’s strategy to get back on normalizing its business in the US while strictly following the preventive measure.