Riot Games unveils Reyna, 11th VALORANT agent

The newest and eleventh VALORANT agent has been revealed by Riot Games. Reyna, the eleventh agent, is from Mexico and a 30-second video of its gameplay and introduction has been posted on twitter by Riot Games but no details or explanations have been publicized yet. She has the voice line of “give me your heart” and it appears to be some sort of a healing steal effect when we see her free ability. Another feature that we have noticed is her bought ability to have a blinding effect. It comes with the voice line “see nothing”, and it is quite similar to the Phoenix curveball.

New Riot Games

Image: Riot Games

The teaser video that was posted on Twitter starts with the opening line of Reyna, “Are those our enemies? This won’t take long”. As far as the colour scheme of Reyna is concerned, her primary colours are black and purple.

Social media has responded to this video very positively and people seem to have loved Reyna. One of the pro players Swedish Lucas “mendokusaii” Håkansson also seems to have loved the character as he responded to this teaser by saying “Reyna main reporting in”. Coby “Dizzy” Meadows also liked the unveiled agent and jokingly responded to the video that he is a Reyna main too.

The Closed Beta of VALORANT has just ended some days back and its game will be released for general public on 2nd of June. There will be 11 agents and four maps featuring in the game while the closed beta had three maps and 10 agents.

A 12-hour live stream has been planned by ESPN Esports before the launch of this game on 1st of June. This stream will have interviews with all the game developers, team owners, pro-players, casters and also a live skin design with much more that you will definitely want to watch if you are a gamer. It will be available on and will live from noon to midnight ET.