Samsung’s Flagship Galaxy Note 9 holds Surprising Success Story

After the Galaxy Note 9 was launched at the beginning of this month a series of pre orders followed which were noteworthy. In the beginning, during the pre-order sessions the demands have outnumbered the to-be-available stocks already but along with this the market for S9 has seriously suffered.

The Team Samsung has not been able to step forward from the incremental details of S8 which is why this phone has not been able to grasp the market. It could not even sell the year-old flagship.

The features like the enhanced capacity of storage and the better battery timing of the new set note 9 are accompanied with a new draw of S-Pen. Also, a Bluetooth connection with the stylus has drawn the attention of many people looking for good smart phones by Samsung this year. But the question arises are all these features enough?

Galaxy Note 9 smartphone

Ye Lingyu/

A local mobile holder suggests that the pre-order surge has been from 30% to 55% in this year. This is indeed a good news for Samsung based on their performance in the previous decade however if we trace back the history it limits to this year only. And on a whole, the experts fear that the overall performance and market demands for this year won’t be touching appreciable extents in comparison to the previous year.

Although the number of pre-orders for Galaxy Note 9 this year is great it still makes 80% of the sale made by Galaxy note 8 in the previous year which is shocking for the company. The company had a marked level of trust in the device after they had to skip a generation in the previous years. i south Korea the pre-ordering session is finishing today as the carriers look forward to shipping the phones to the customers by 24th of this month. Soon it will also be available at the stores. if such a publicity continues and the trend of orders is continued the Samsung company can make a good comeback in the market. This note will be seen as the last note coming from the Korean manufacturers as the audience is already looking forward to using galaxy S10.

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