Scientists Discover “Mirror Image” of Earth and Sun

Scientists have found another system of planets where an exoplanet is observed which is very much similar to our planet earth. This exoplanet is also orbiting a star which is very much similar to the sun and this whole system of planets resembles our solar system so much that scientists feel they are looking at the “mirror image” of our solar system.

A mirror image of Earth and sun

Scientists have named this exoplanet KOI-456.01 and are not yet sure if it is able to support life or not as yet. But Max Plank Society have told in a press release that it can be a strong candidate to support life as they also have declared it as a mirror image of our whole solar system.

Mirror Image

Image: MPS / René Heller

Kepler-160 is the name given to the star around which this earth-like exoplanet is orbiting. This star is almost at a distance of 3000 light years from our own solar system. The thing which attracts the most attention of the scientists is that this star gives off light to the KOI-456.01 in the visible spectrum rather than infrared region unlike other discovered stars that have earth-like planets orbiting around them. This ability to give off visible light is the key why scientists think of this planet being habitable. However, there are still other crucial aspects to look for in order to find out if it can be a candidate for life, said Max Plank researcher Rene Heller in the release.

This exoplanet is way bigger in size when compared to other planets that have been potential candidates of being habitable. Although Kepler-160 is strikingly similar to our solar system, the Earth-like thing is more due to the exoplanet’s size rather than its habitability. The size of KOI-456.01 is a bit less than double of that of Earth.

Its size and the fact that it has a star so similar to sun are the points that make this system and exoplanet so special and familiar.