Scientists discover new dinosaur with a face full of spikes

Scientists have recently discovered a new dinosaur that is 76 million years old, and its name is Akainacephalus Johnsoni. This new dinosaur belongs from the same family of the widely popular Ankylosaurus, and just like its cousin, it also has a club in place of a tail. However, what are the features that make Akainacephalus so unique, and different from all the other dinosaurs that science has discovered to this day?

Yes, you’ve guessed it: Akainacephalus has a face full of thorn-like spikes. In fact, the name Akainacephalus literally translates to the word thorny head or spiky. Back in its day, Akainacephalus was a powerful, and heavily armoured dinosaur, and given the fact that it was alive during the same time period as the mighty Tyrannosaurus Tex, it is highly likely that these two beasts might have encountered one another for a stand-off.

The fossils of this newly discovered dinosaur were found at the Kaiparowits Formation of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in Utah, and these were identified by Randy Johnson, a volunteer expert.

Akainacephalus Johnsoni Dinosaur Face

Photo Credit: Andrey Atuchin/DMNS

Jelle Wiersma, who did her Master’s thesis on the discovery of Akainacephalus revealed that this dinosaur is strikingly distinguished from all the other dinosaurs of its kind. She is reported to have said, It’s completely different from any other ankylosaurids that we’ve actually seen.

Randall Irmis, the Chief Curator of the Natural History Museum of Utah also expressed his excitement at having made this ground-breaking new discovery. He said, We are the lucky palaeontologists to be the first to recognize this new species.