Signal, Telegram Demand Spikes Amid WhatsApp Strict Terms

You will be thinking among Signal and Telegram, which is safer amid WhatsApp data collection concerns. Better use signal for secure and private messaging. After all, Elon Musk also recommends Signal over WhatsApp usage. Just like WhatsApp, Signal is a completely open source, free, secure and private instant messaging platform.

Signal, Telegram Demand Spikes Amid WhatsApp Strict Terms

Signal Telegram WhatsApp
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Signal Telegram WhatsApp

Signal and Telegrams messaging apps sees sudden surge in demand after its rival WhatsApp updated terms of service. Social media take this change by storm. Social media Giant’s customers are not so impressed with this move.

WhatsApp uses Signal’s encryption technology, brings fresh terms on Wednesday. The terms asking users to agree to let owners and its subsidiaries to let collect user data, including other vital details like user’s phone number and location.

This move by WhatsApp owners, Facebook is regarded as bad and some privacy activists questioned this move. As a result, many activists and also Tesla owner and world’s richest man on earth, Elon Musk also suggested us to move to Signal. Endorsement from Elon Musk shot up Signal’s popularity further. It is significant to switch to apps like Signal and Telegram. Last two days sees more than 100,000 users installed Signal across the app stores of Apple and Google. While Telegram picked up nearly 2.2 million downloads, according to data analytics firm Sensor Tower.

Telegrams claims that it is more secure than WhatsApp  as it relies on MTProto protocol.

First week of 2021 sees 11% fell in new WhatsApp installs, but that stills accounts for 10.5 million downloads globally, as per stated by Sensor Tower.

For free and instantaneous communication, we also recommend Signal and Telegram. Let us know what you think.

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