Snapdragon 875 will be 30 percent faster than its predecessor thanks to ARM’s Cortex-X1 super core

After the snapdragon 865 started gaining attraction, the news about Qualcomm releasing its first-ever 5nm Snapdragon SoC emerged by the name snapdragon 875 and it is expected to launch at the end of this year. Although there is no exact news about its expected launch date, but the information regarding the core configuration of this Snapdragon 875 has already emerged. The presence of Cortex X1 Super Core explains how this snapdragon 875 will be far ahead from the ones having Cortex A-77 and will result in a massive performance gain.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 Cortex X1 Super Core

Samsung is about to launch its next-generation Exynos 1000 and according to the reports, it may have a Cortex A-78 and Cortex X1 Super core combination. It seems that Snapdragon 875 may also offer the same combination. Snapdragon 875 may have the same one super core, along with three performance cores, and four efficiency cores just as it was in Snapdragon 865. The super core in it would off course be Cortex X1 and Kyro 685 might be based on it. Extra performance is also expected out of it due to the associated Cortex A-78.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 Cortex X1 Super Core

As far as the efficiency cores are concerned, it is expected that just like Qualcomm stuck to Cortex A-55 cores in Snapdragon 865; it might stick with them in this Snapdragon 875 as well. But, as there is quite some time left by the Qualcomm to officially announce its launch, any change in this information can be expected up till then. This Cortex X1 will be able to deliver 30 per cent increase in its performance over that of the Cortex A-77, as has been reported by ARM already. This Cortex X1 will also be able to deliver a 23 per cent increase in its integer performance over that of Cortex A-78.

The machine learning capabilities of Cortex X1 are also double as those of Cortex A-78. When we have a look at all these features, we see that this Snapdragon 875 is way ahead in the game and its future would probably be quite promising. Qualcomm’s phone manufacturing partners may have an advantage in 2021 as their flagships could become significantly cheaper.

This can be due to the information that Snapdragon 875 will have Snapdragon X60 5G modem in it. This will be the opposite of Snapdragon 865 as Qualcomm did not offer any modem in that chipset. This made the manufacturers buy another baseband modem and due to this, the price of those flagships was quite high.

This new Snapdragon 875 can bring a lot of changes in the Android industry by 2021, but we won’t recommend you to think of this information as final and expect any change till Qualcomm officially announces its launch. As for us, we would keep you updated regarding any information we get our hands on.