Solar Eclipse ‘Ring of Fire’ 2020: How and When to Watch

The Solar Eclipse Ring of Fire to occur this Sunday. This year’s Ring of Fire to briefly appear in parts of Asia and Africa. Good news is you can still part of this show even if you are not present in these parts. You can still watch this spectacular show online.

Solar Eclipse ‘Ring of Fire’ 2020

In solar eclipse, the sun flares behind the moon and adorn our skies. This phenomenon is called annual solar eclipse. Relative to the Sun, moon appears smaller in the skies. We are getting this spectacular show on June 21, 2020. This solar eclipse starts at 0345 GMT Sunday and ends at 1034 GMT, according to NASA.

Regions where you can witness this solar eclipse include but not limited to CENTRAL African Republic, Sudan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Pakistan, India, China, Taiwan, northern Australia and the north Pacific Ocean.

How to Watch Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse Ring of Fire 2020

Image Credit: Martin Bernetti / AFF / Getty Images

You can dial for the details of your area. It will tell you whether you are living in line for the full eclipse, no eclipse or a partial one. Or if you are eager to know the eclipse path, better consult NASA website which shows the path via an interactive map. You can always zoom in to find any viewing location of your concern. However, if you are not on the interactive map or right geographical spot, you can still witness the eclipse via Virtual Telescope Project, which also live streams remarkable celestial events. Also keeping in mind this is not the final solar eclipse of the year. Viewers in parts of South America can also witness total solar eclipse on December 14, 2020.

As you are going to witness this solar eclipse knowing the path is also important. Visible path of this total solar eclipse is long and across 2 continents and 14 countries but the path of greatest visibility is rather narrow.